MyLocality Your Local Discount Card for Newport Shropshire | Cookie Policy | Sunday 22 October, 2017

FAQ for the MyLocality Discount Card

If MyLocality is new to you, we've answered a few questions that should help. And, if saving money with local retailers, pubs, and independents sounds good to you, please read on.

What is the Mylocality Discount Card?

The MyLocality Discount Card is the only dedicated discount card for Newport, Shropshire and its immediate local area. The card helps the registered holder to save money by offering deals and discounts on products and services at local businesses partners.

What offers are available to card holders?

Offers are available across a wide variety of participating partners, including shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs, health, motoring and many other local services. Be sure to keep checking back as new offers and discounts are being added on a regular basis.

How do I use my card?

When you receive your card, the first thing to do is sign it. You can check out the offers online or using the mobile app. When you go to pay for the product or service, simply show your card instore to get the offer/discount and start saving. Please note that the card cannot be used at this time for online purchases with our Business Partners.

Where can I use my MyLocality Card?

Right now MyLocality is only available in and around Newport, an historic market town in Shropshire.

Who's behind all this?

Karen Woodcock and Martin Pedley (Directors) of All About Newport Ltd. We wanted to create and develop a way that encourages people to shop locally in Newport and at the same time save money. By using local services to save money you are also supporting local independent businesses.

Are the cards transferable?

No, the cards are strictly non-transferable. All businesses have permission to ask for ID to check that cards are being used by the registered user so cannot be loaned to friends or family members.

Sound's fantastic! How do I get mine?

Glad you think so! So let's get your MyLocality Card ordered and in the post.